Mutating and querying file and update column in via Integromat

Hello there!

I wanted to post about a request that was granted today by Integromat. Specifically with file columns. We paid to have the newly implemented MondayV2 API request turned into integromat. These modules are shared publicly. We could not wait to use this feature!

Currently there are three modules available for files.

  1. List Files
  2. Add a File to an Update
  3. Add a file to a File Column

Here is the MondayV2 documentation:

I am currently working to have the Clear files column as a module as well.
MondayV2 documentation here:

I believe that there is a way to currently do this in Integromat using the “HTTP Make Request” Module
As soon as I am able to figure that out I will reply to this post with documentation for others.

Our particular use case for this is creating a sync between our Drive account and our Monday account.
We are in the insurance adjusting industry and rely heavily on a particular drive hierarchy as well as google docs and sheets.

Our deliverables are always in a PDF format. The plus side of the Drive “Get File” Module in Integromat is that you can instantly watch for new or updated files and covert them to PDF’s. This will allow us to Correlate a particular folder with a file column in monday, Anything that is added to that folder in Drive will then be added as a PDF to the Monday File Column for that folder. Because We are able to create our drive folders via Integromat. I used a Data Store to keep the Folder Id’s and associate a pulse with those folders.

Here is a Screenshot of the Drive folder creation:

Here is an screenshot of the Data bank that stores the Folder Id’s (this data store is then updated with a pulse ID )

Now that I have the folder Ids and a corresponding pulse ID the rest will be relatively simple to map.

I am happy to share any information that I have on this subject. I will state that my knowledge of working with API’s starts and ends with Integromat. I just thought I would share for the folks that have a heavy reliance on Integromat as well. I will update this post when either the clear file module is released or the alternative HTTP is used and working.

Thanks for reading!