Mutating and querying file and update column in via Integromat

Hello there!

I wanted to post about a request that was granted today by Integromat. Specifically with file columns. We paid to have the newly implemented MondayV2 API request turned into integromat. These modules are shared publicly. We could not wait to use this feature!

Currently there are three modules available for files.

  1. List Files
  2. Add a File to an Update
  3. Add a file to a File Column

Here is the MondayV2 documentation:

I am currently working to have the Clear files column as a module as well.
MondayV2 documentation here:

I believe that there is a way to currently do this in Integromat using the “HTTP Make Request” Module
As soon as I am able to figure that out I will reply to this post with documentation for others.

Our particular use case for this is creating a sync between our Drive account and our Monday account.
We are in the insurance adjusting industry and rely heavily on a particular drive hierarchy as well as google docs and sheets.

Our deliverables are always in a PDF format. The plus side of the Drive “Get File” Module in Integromat is that you can instantly watch for new or updated files and covert them to PDF’s. This will allow us to Correlate a particular folder with a file column in monday, Anything that is added to that folder in Drive will then be added as a PDF to the Monday File Column for that folder. Because We are able to create our drive folders via Integromat. I used a Data Store to keep the Folder Id’s and associate a pulse with those folders.

Here is a Screenshot of the Drive folder creation:

Here is an screenshot of the Data bank that stores the Folder Id’s (this data store is then updated with a pulse ID )

Now that I have the folder Ids and a corresponding pulse ID the rest will be relatively simple to map.

I am happy to share any information that I have on this subject. I will state that my knowledge of working with API’s starts and ends with Integromat. I just thought I would share for the folks that have a heavy reliance on Integromat as well. I will update this post when either the clear file module is released or the alternative HTTP is used and working.

Thanks for reading!



Hey @Parker

This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this with the community and helping others use Integromat with to a fuller extent :slight_smile: I really appreciate the work you’ve put into making this happen on Integromat, and you’ve made a really nice and clear post about it as well. Just awesome :slight_smile:


Hi Parker
I’ve seen your post just niw. Can i use the add file to file column in monday now?
My usecase is to copy items from one group to another group. I can’t manage to copy the File type coloumn from one item to the new created item.
Can you help about this?

YES! Sorry I am just seeing this now, but if you haven’t got to a solution yet. Let me know what you would want to trigger the action and lets talk about how you could set it up.


Hi @Parker i managed to add file after few tips I’ve got here and there. What I actually did is to list group items than list file by file from source item, than html get file, then create new item and then add file to file column. I have about 6 files to add this way to the new created item.
I was told that this scenario would hit complexity so i like to ask: my usecase is reading group items by certain criteria and create max 5 new items in another group on the same board and then search those items by name back in the first group and change thier status.
Do you think thats should result complexity problem?

Hey @noam,

I’m sure @Parker would also be able to provide a different point of view on this as well, but I do think that you should either be adding a delay between the Integromat modules to ensure that you are sending the queries in a more gradual way, but another way to achieve this would be using the Update column values module in Integromat. Is my understanding correct that the file from the original item is already part of your account? If so, that asset would already exist in your account you wouldn’t need to re-upload the files again separately. At that point, you’d only have to make the Integromat module reference the assets for the newly created item, and you could do that in the item-creation stage as well to reduce complexity further.

Does that make sense?


Hi @AlexSavchuk
It makes sense. The files are allready a part of monday as you say. I think I’ve tried it before I’m not sure so I’ll give it a try more time in that direction.
Thanks, Noam

Hi @AlexSavchuk @Parker
I tried again but couldn’t update the file in the new created item although the file exists in the source item. That’s the scenario I was testing it:

Hi @AlexSavchuk
Is there a way when using my modules in integromat effecting monday to evaluate the complexity ?


Is there any chance you could walk us through the set up of your Integromat modules in a bit more detail? If you can show us the setup of each individual module, as well as their output, I would love to take a further look and see where the issue might be coming from. Understanding the configuration will allow us to get a deeper understanding of what might be causing this for you.