Using Integromat to add file columns

Hi Guys
I have a board with items that include file type columns. As Integromat has a module that add file to columns i’m tying that to add a file from an existing item to a new created item but it does not work.
Anybody have tried it? Should it work?

Hey @noam,

Thanks for posting! Can you elaborate a bit on what you’re looking to achieve with this Integromat recipe? What recipe are you using specifically?

Let me know and I’ll see if I can make some suggestions!

All the best,

Thanks for your reply. I want to copy items from one group to another so as there’s no copy in integromat i use the create items module and update columns module. I have about 8 file columns and had difficulties to add them to the new item. After a long search i managed to do so with using List files and Http get and add coloumn modules. Now it looks a bit “heavy” i was told it could hit complexity also so I’m not sure about it although the use case will generate not more than 5 items when it’s activated. Any advice from your side?