Upload file in Monday zapier integration

I was trying to setup Zapier integration for my Monday-Account. I’m stuck in adding a file from an email to my monday board. I know that is now possible to upload files using the API! I wonder how the code have to look like. Can you help me with the function “add_file_to_column”?

This is how it looks right now, i want to add the “add_file_to_column” there:

{“datei3” : “{{89018884__all_attachments}}”}


Thank you very much!

I have the same problem. I wan to connect a dropbox folder with a monday board with zapier. Every time a new file is put in the folder there should be created a puls in monday with the name of the file and in a second column the file itself. I was able to have the puls - with the name of the file - created, but the file itself doesn’t upload. I think my problem is that I now the columnID - “datei” but I don’t know how to specify the content

Hey guys,

this is from the documentation:

mutation {

     add_file_to_column (item_id: 123, column_id: 'files_03', $file: File!) {
            file_extension: String!
            id : ID!
            name : String!
            public_URL: String!
            url: String!
            url_thumbnail: String!




Hope that helps.


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Sorry, I’m sorry an ordinary user without knowledge in programing and I’m certainly doing it wrong. I tried to insert the text int the data field in the zap (see below), but it doesn’t upload the file itself to monday.

Alright sorry for that technical post :slight_smile:

You actually need to insert a JSON formated String into “Column Values”.
You can check, if a String is valide here:

I assume your file has an URL.

So you enter:

{ "url" : " YOUR_FILE_URL " }

Tell me if that helped.


Dear Ilja,

thank you very much for your support. no need to apologize, the problem is with me.

Yes my files have url’s like this for example https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wnqkrzud326g9f/xy.pdf?dl=0
or this

But I think my task is more complex: I want to set up an automation (a zap): whenever a new file is placed in a certain folder in dropbox, a pulse is created in a monday board with the name of the file as pulse entry and in a column “file” the file itself. That means, the URL of the file in the zap should be dynamic, so that the new file inserted in Dropbox will be automatically uploaded to monday; exactly the same way as the name of the newly inserted file will be transmitted as a pulse entry (this works without problems).

best regards, Thomas

Hello Thomas, did you figure this out? I hope to do the exact same thing!

Hi Todd, no sorry, I gave up

Hey @tstupell1 @ch_stt,

I’m not entirely sure if this is possible through Zapier (perhaps someone else in the community has had better luck since this post was originally created).

We did recently introduce the ability to upload files through the API as a multipart file (community thread here). Here is some example code that uploads a file “the hard way” (by constructing the multipart from scratch). Perhaps this can be leveraged to assist with this.


wow thanks - that is way above my abilities, but i think i got a guy! we will seee - thank you Daniel

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