Create trigger when file uploaded to

I’m trying to create an integration when a file is uploaded to it will trigger an event and upload the file(s) to Dropbox.
I’d like to go one step further and depending on which user sent the file it will upload to that user’s Dropbox account.

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Hi @zeusdo :wave:

Welcome to the Community! At upstream, we’re not just Platinum Partners of, but also an award-winning dev team who specialise in custom integrations. We can certainly look to assist you in building out exactly what you need.

Feel free to reach me via the below details or book a chat straight away for when it suits.
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Peta | upstream
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Hi Peta,
Thanks for reaching out. I would like to schedule a chat with you to see if you can help us out with some integrations. I will be available for the next 2 hours or we can setup a time for tomorrow or next week.

Dana Olson

Hi @zeusdo

Hope you’re having a great day so far! I’m in meetings this afternoon but you should be able to find something that suits via this link.

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Hey @zeusdo

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