Integration with 3rd party application

I’ve had a search on the community but cant really find any answers that meet my needs exactly…

I need some help and advice about integrating with a 3rd party application - specifically, a scanning and OCR application which will validate documents uploaded to by users.

Our idea is that a project board will be setup for each user who applies for a product and as part of the application process, they will need to submit various documents such as Proof of ID etc. Once uploaded, we need to invoke a call to another application that will launch a scanning application and then need Monday to pass the uploaded documents with its unique Identifier to this application for processing.

The 3rd party application will then take care of the document validation etc and pass back results and extracted data to Monday to import back into the project board (most likely using the earlier provided unique ID), updating any necessary fields and the application process can then continue.

Along the way, notifications and status updates will need to be sent from to the end user to update them of the progress. These may be triggered by the external application.

An example workflow would look something like this:

Can anyone advise how this might be done?

@MarkG1 ,

This is quite doable through custom development with the help of triggers that will call your third party application and then download the uploaded file to the local folder followed scanning process of the third party application.

Make sure that the application you are trying to integrate must expose their api.



@MarkG1 were you able to find a solution for this?

A unique form with unique url per item that allows clients upload requested documents and it goes directy to their item card?

Let me know if you found a solution for this.