Sharing files with public permission

Hello, i’m new in this community.
I need your help !
I have a bord with a file column. My collaborators send PDF on this column.
I create a button, with workflow to send this file by email.

Problem is to consult file, we need to be connected to monday, i would to send files to clients who dont have monday account.

Do you know if i cant send files from monday to client whithout monday permission ?

best regards

Hi @saynijb !

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately that is not a feature right now. You can however download and send the file through Emails and Activities, but permissions stay in place for files kept in

Hope this brings some clarity for you!

@saynijb @jailynnlucidday This might be a long shot but with the vlookup marketplace app you can share internal files on a sharable board and create the email automation in the sharable board which allow files to be consumed when sent to non monday users.

I’ll test this out today! Thank you for the advice @Nir-Jetpack !

I just realized that sending emails through Emails and Activities using file column as attachment sends these files publicly through an amazon AWS link instead of a proper attachment.

This is a serious security flaw! Is there a way to force attachments and prevent this from happening?!

Hi @pdoyon !

So even if it gives a link, they should not be able to access it without a account that it connected to your account. Unfortunately I have not yet tested that work-around that Nir has mentioned but it is on my list for this week!

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Hello thank you for reply. Did you test this solution ? Interesting about your review. Thanks a lot and best regards.

Just tried the work-around that Nir suggested to no success.