Files in Public Shareable Links

It appears files in the file column cannot be opened from a public shareable link. Am I missing something? Our team needs this feature.

Hi @bhuddleston, Brian

Are the “files” stored in the file column downloaded to or do they reside somewhere else. If you insert a file you have an option to upload it from your PC. In that case the file resides in monday and when opening it it should popup the default viewer (with download option).

The other option is to get the file from Google Drive or OneDrive. In that case a shareable link will be inserted and when you click on it it will open the file from your Google Drive or Onedrive. HOWEVER, what monday does not do it to change the file sharing permissions on Google or Microsoft. So, if you use that option you should make sure the original file on GDrive or OneDrive is publicly accessible.

Does that make sense?