[RELEASED] New Features: Apps Feedback Link, Searching for Apps by Devs, "Create an Item with Mapping and Link" Action Block, and Admin Permissions for API Tokens

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone!

We recently released some new features, so I wanted to post an announcement introducing them. In total, we have four new features that I’m so excited to share with everyone.

1. We have a new feedback link for your apps! This will allow you to collect direct feedback from your user base via a link you provide. The link can be to a monday.com form, a Zendesk link or anything you’d like.

Here is where you can input your feedback link:

On the user end, they should see a little “Feedback” button at the top of their view apps:

Here it is for Board Views:

Here it is for Item Card Views:

Here it is for Dashboard Widgets:

Please keep in mind this feature is currently only available for view apps, not integrations!

2. We’ve also added the ability to search for apps by developer names (your names)! This should increase the searchability of your apps, so that users can now not only find your app by its name, but also by your name as well. This new feature should also increase the discoverability of the newer apps that you develop. Try it out!

3. There’s a new built-in action block “Create an item with mapping and link” that will allow you to create an item with mapping in a different board (Board B) and link that newly created item to an existing item on the current board (Board A).

Here is a video of how the feature would work:

4. Lastly, there’s a new admin permission setting that can determine who is able to generate API tokens. Previously, all admin and member users were able to generate API tokens. With this new permission, admin users are able to choose if “No one”, “Only admins”, or “Anyone” would be able to generate API tokens. Remember, currently only member users are able to generate API tokens (other than admin users), so this “Anyone” would only apply to member and admin users!

One thing to note about this new permission is, should a user reach out to asking why they’re suddenly no longer able to utilize their API tokens, I would ask them first if their admin user had changed this permission!

There's a lot of new features to digest, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions!