Remove URL in Slack message

I have a private board where, to communicate updates with several people, I’ve set up a couple of automations that send messages to a specific Slack channel. Is there a way to automatically remove the URL to the board at the end of these messages?

Hey Sergio!

Would you be able to send over a screenshot so I can make sure I understand exactly what you’re referring to? :pray:

Hi Bianca.
The following is an example where I’m telling the team that a release is going to be cancelled in service now due to inactivity.
The link in question is highlighted in yellow. I understand it has a collaborative purpose but in this case I don’t want everyone to access this particular item/board.


Thank you for clarifying Sergio - I see what you’re referring to here. At this stage, it isn’t possible to remove the link, however, I will relay this to our team internally so they can investigate whether there are plans for future customisation :pray:

Thanks for posting this. I had the same question and Upvoted your request.