Rendering video url on updates of an item - graphql


in similarity to this post:

i’m now trying to create the same thing just with video.

I’m attempting to push the following into the item updates:
1 \n\n<u>Attached video</u>:\n <video src='${req.body.mediaLink}' controls />;
and it works, besides the video itself, there’s no trace of it. The result :
as you can see, everything’s included but the video, yet, when I am doing:
1 \n\n<u>Attached screenshot</u>:\n <img src='${req.body.mediaLink}' />;

it works and renders the image.

any ideas?

Hi @danieln,

Could you please let me know what you mean by video trace? What is the expected behavior?

The expected behavior is to show embedded video in the update, similar to img, just with the possibility of playing it. In conclusion, similar action to <video></video> in html.

Hi @danieln,

You can use our Add file to Update mutation:

mutation {
    add_file_to_update (update_id: 17, $file: File!) {