Replacing the comma that separates a dropdown column's multi select data

Hi everyone, I have a dropdown column that is able to receive multiple selections let’s say a user chooses “apple” and “orange”.

If I want to use that data within a sentence for an acknowledgement email it would read something like this: “Hello and thanks so much for your interest in our apple, orange product.”

Is there a formula or other way to replace the comma that separates the individual product selections with something like “&” so it would read: “Hello and thanks so much for your interest in our apple & orange product.”

I’ve tried the REPLACE formula, but that seems more focused on specific character replacement.

Thank you for your help!

Use the SUBSTITUTE formula

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Thanks so much Ife! Now I discovered that Monday can’t actually use formulas in emails, so I had to convert this to General Caster. In case anyone has to do something like this with General Caster, they use + instead of , so I had to modify the formula to this:

SUBSTITUTE({item’s Dropdown}, “+”, " & ")