Reporting/Performance Insights

I am looking to pull reports to show progress of projects on one board. I need reports that show projects marked completed over the last quarter, how long projects take on average/for each heading, and any additional reports to pull to show progress on our dashboard and usage.

It was suggested I use the integrated view Performance Insights, however, this is in Beta and not working correctly for me. Customer service then sent me here to ask questions. Has anyone used this view and had it work properly? It appears the # of items also matches the # of weeks- this has to be an error. The categories also do not make sense so all data is skewed.

Any help on performance insights or a way to pull correct reports to show progress would be very helpful.

hi @clemieux

Welcome to the community! How are your projects set up, do you have one board for each project? If that is the case I think thins app could be very helpfull as it rolls up information from different (down level) boards. See: Apps Marketplace