Request - Dark mode

It’s easy our team would love a dark mode option. Much like the one for the timeline view but for whole of Monday. :smile:


I agree with this! First thing I do when setting up a dashboard is turn on Dark Mode… Good call!


Check out the Chrome Extension “Dark Reader.”


I also would like to request a Dark Mode-- it’s one thing to use a third party web extension like Dark Reader or custom CSSes, but these only apply to the web app and I’d like to extend this feature request to Dark Modes available also for the desktop and mobile apps, which cannot rely on such extensions.


@ViteEris I’m doing the same. Running stylish on my browser just to get somewhat close to a dark mode. The weird thing is that they have a dark mode for the timeline and not for the entire board. It looks so good tbh!

Hey @AlexJ, @ViteEris, @cwiassoc, and @Lobster,

Thank you for submitting your feedback. Glad you all found a workaround using the web extension. That is Awesome! I will probably use this myself. :slight_smile:

This is something that we are considering and I will be happy to pass this along to our product team for review. Feel free to continue to share your thoughts.



Hi, same here, wanted to switch to the night mode, assuming it would be in Such a pity to use an extension. Can’t wait to have it embedded into!

Yes please! Also on the Mac and iOS app. :clap::clap::clap:


Just tested Dark Reader and its wonderful. Thanks for the tip!

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Yeah, I fell in love with it too. Someone from the Monday staff told me about it, and now I use it everywhere.

I would very much like to see with feature added as well.

If there is only one change I could see, it would be this. I have abandoned several other apps and services that are otherwise quite functional just because they insist on making me stare at a giant, low watt light bulb all day.

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Please, please, please make this happen.



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Almost a year and no one has created the request for Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is only Working on Dashboard.

For my Normal Boards i still need to use Firefox to get the ( Dark Mode)

You are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the tip!!

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Yes - we spend long hours on our computers and have dark mode activated on most of our other programs… and then we open and it’s like a blinding light in the darkness.
Please give us a dark mode.

Yes, please add dark mode!

Pretty sure this is an option under settings on individual boards though when you log out and back in it resets

No, not an option without a browser extension right now.