Tip of the week #3: Use 'Dark' and ‘Night’ mode to give your eyes a rest!

We’ve all been there. Hours on end spent staring at a screen, to the point where words and numbers all seem to mesh into one, and your head starts to ache!

monday.com has you covered.

Use Dark mode to change the display of either your entire account or just your views and dashboards to a dark display colour palette. Your text, icons and graphics will use a light-coloured scheme set against a dark blue background. This will give your board a cool, sleek look and make viewing your board a little easier on the eyes.

3. Give your eyes a rest with dark and night mode


Come to the dark side! :smiling_imp: :new_moon: :night_with_stars:


and just you know - websites generated with monday + sundae are also dark mode friendly (and responsive, so they look good and possibly dark on mobile devices too!)