Resize Multiple Columns

Setting up a new board. I’ve got 3 columns that can be made smaller. All 3 are similar things - in this case Social Media links - and ideally they’d remain the same width as each other.

Is this a thing or should I move this question to Feature requests/feedback?

Hey @thekvd thanks for this question! You can resize columns once you have a certain number on your board as the board has to be a consistent width no matter what—can you try adding a couple more columns and seeing whether you are able to resize then? This is also a great idea for feature requests/feedback—feel free to write in there too!

Heya! Thanks for replying. I’m familiar with resizing single columns. What I’m looking at is resizing multiple ones at the same time.

Example: I click on the header for 3 columns, highlighting them, then grab the side of one of them and change its size. When I release they all have changed to the same width. (real life example would be how Excel currently functions in this manor)

While typing that up I did come up with two other potential solutions to it, assuming it’s not a thing currently:
-One way could be having smart guides that resizing the column can snap to. Those smart guides based on column widths present in the board.
-The other way could be having a few preset widths that can be selected by the user. This way the user can select from a dropdown something to the effect of Small, Medium, or Large and achieve a similar effect.

Personally all 3 options would be super helpful but Selecting Multiple and Smart Guides would be my 2 that survive if one had to be culled.

Should I repost this in Feature Requests?