Risk Register Development

Hi there. I’m brand new to Monday.Com and looking to use it for compliance matters. As part of this I would like to build a Risk Register. Before I start building such a beast, and being inherently lazy :-), I thought I would check to see if anybody has already done this and if they could share any tips etc.

Hi @kstirzaker Kevin, I am using registers (risks and others) in my bid management solution (total of 5 boards). You can view a demo bid here https://view.monday.com/308620336-d9549af2313f7517f3acd106aba5daff

Bas (forgive me if my salutation is incorrect),

Thank you so much. That will be a pretty good starting point for me. Thank you once more.


HI Kev,

Good luck with it. I will let the link live till the end of the month.