Round Formula Help

Hi team. I need some help with the Round functionality on 2 formulas. Need both formulas rounded to the nearest dollar. now i am getting 3 decimal points :frowning:

Formula 1
({Capex TCV (USD)}*1.33)/{CaaS Term (Years)}

Formula 2
{Value Local Currency} * SWITCH({Currency}, “$USD”, 1, “$AUD”, 0.65, “¥CNY”, 0.14, “₹IND RUP”, 0.012, “Rp IDR”, 0.000066,“£GBP”, 1.27, “€EURO”, 1.10, “$HKD”, 0.13, “¥JPY”, 0.0070,“$SGD”, 0.74,“MYR”, 0.22,“$MOP”, 0.12,“₱PHP”, 0.018,“$NZD”, 0.61, “$NTD”, 0.031,“₩KRW”, 0.00076, “₫VND”, 0.000042,“฿THB”, 0.028,“د.إUAE”, 0.27 ,1)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nikolce,

Take a look at the ROUND function.

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