Scaffold error: unknown option -t

Hi! I’m trying to build a test integration but keep getting the same error when running the scaffold command in my commandline: “error: unknown option -t”. Any idea how to troubleshoot this? Node version is 16.16.0, NPM 8.14.0.

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Hi @KimBG,

Welcome to the community! we hope you like it here :rocket:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re aware of this issue and working toward a fix. In the meantime, please pull the code from our codebase on Github

Also running into this. Thanks for starting this thread. Any ETA on a fix?

Hi @KimBG & @jcarbelbide,

We’ve introduced a fix for this bug. The command to scaffold the project should be working now! Please let me know if you’re unable to access this project.

Hi @alessandra,

Thanks so much for looking into this. I am still having an issue when I copy/paste the cli command that the Monday quickstart guide gives me. The command looks like this (the random strings/number have been changed from what they originally were):

npx @mondaydotcomorg/monday-cli scaffold run ./ quickstart-integrations -s 19feeb0fb722c77e9oiqk123iouj2e539 -t integration-1009827

When I run this in my terminal, I get this error:

error: unknown option '-t'

Is this an error on my side, or is it still an issue with the CLI?

Hi @jcarbelbide,

It looks like only our Board View project is working at the moment. We’re working on a fix for our Integrations project! I’ll follow up with you as soon as we have a fix.

Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks for the update!

Hi @jcarbelbide!

We’ve introduced a fix for the Integrations project. Please let me know if the issue still persists for you!

It’s working for me, thank you!

Thanks! I was getting the same issue until I also updated npx. Now it’s working for me. Thanks!

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