Search with accents or without accents in boards

“I use Monday in Brazil and I have records that contain accents. For example: “Gerência”.
When I try to search for this record, I need to input the word exactly as it appears with the accents, and not just “Gerencia”.
We had an idea for improvement which would be: In the search within boards, it wouldn’t be mandatory to use accents, in other words, it wouldn’t be case sensitive.
For example: If I search for “gerencia”, it will display records that contain accents as well as those that do not.”

It would be great if the search in the Table View could be also special character insensitive.
We type data in Spanish and sometimes the data entry has typos like forgetting to type an accent for example
Jose instead of José

The problem is when we use the search, we have to try two times, one with accent and one without inc case our search was unsuccessful.
It’s a minor annoyance but if you add it up it accounts for a significant time and diminishes the flow state of the user.

Autocomplete for names in mentions could also be accentuation/typo insensitive.


I agree that it would be better if search worked as you described.

You might consider creating a formula column that would replace the text of the columns you might search with “normal” characters. You could hide the column if you wanted, the still search will still work. The formula would look something like this:


Jim - The Monday Man

Hello, I have a similar issue where:
formula: CONCATENATE({Destination Link}/?utm_source={Source}&utm_medium={Medium}&utm_campaign={Campaign Name})
result: “”/?utm_source=“TKK”&utm_medium=“OG”&utm_campaign=“Test”

I need to strip the result from the " character. I tried different Substitute but I am getting formula error.

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