Textual Search accents

I live in Brazil and here we use a lot of accents but the textual search bar don’t
differentiates “A” from “Á”, but in a quicky search many time we forget the accent or one item is without the accent. So is possible to when i research “A”, appear to me “A” and “Á” and “” and “Ô and “À” etc.

Hey @IvanGentil,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention - we can definitely share this with our internal team to see if we can make the necessary changes. We will provide you with an update as soon as we hear back :pray:

Any news about it?

Same problem with Greek here as well you can’t find anything unless you remember exactly how you typed it. It should be really easy for this work if it truly comes to the attention of people that are involved in basic technical things about the platform and what is build on. Although if the policy is to apply Apple Techniques like just keep out basic things and call them a feature afterwards is not a good call.