Seat-based Pricing for Apps

Yeah, there’s a big thread here from me learning this too:

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Wow! This information is so useful for us to implement the logic check regarding the seats for monetization. I wish they could document it in detail somewhere.

Thanks for your sharing!

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Hi @yarhuoy,

Here are the docs! Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


@Rachel like most of the docs those are incomplete. Almost no payloads are truly documented by monday anywhere. Monday may think they are defined but they are not to the degree any serious developer expects.

Truly documented would tell us if the value can be null or is an enum (or could be both as in the cases described here).

If its an enum (string but from a fixed set of possible strings) then the possible values for the enum should be defined along with the meaning of each of those values. The dev community has been asking proper payload schemas for several years to no avail. I have no expectation this situation will ever change though.

Hi @rachelatmonday thanks for your link, and I agree with @codyfrisch. For example, the information that @dvdsmpsn provided in his thread is not documented anywhere.

May I know if it is possible for a non-trial account to get the following result when I execute the GraphQL?


query { 
  account {
    plan {


  "data": {
    "account": {
      "plan": null
  "account_id": xxxxxxx
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Hello there @yarhuoy,

Only trial accounts should show that :grin: