Manage team size per seat rather than fixed tears

As a small size company with 23 users, we’re almost out of seats with the current 25 seat plan we have. Next plan is 50 seats, which makes our bill increment way too much and to have lots of empty seats.

Please consider enabling team size management based on a per user base rather than a fixed amount of seats.

We’re the same way. Doesn’t make any sense to have 26 used seats and be paying for 50. This is nonsense in my opinion.

Agreed. We’re looking at needing 6 seats. So going from 5 seats to 6 represents a 100% increase in price which is rather silly. If it’s a software limitation on the part of then I really have to wonder about some of their coding practices.

Edit: Ultimately while we would pay for that extra seat, in the end it makes more sense to just have him as a guest and his tasks checked off by his supervisor. If the idea behind not selling individual seats was to artificially inflate the price- you’ve managed to instead drive down how much we spend.