Seats - Billing - Increments of +1

I understand that Monday is a ‘collaborative’ platform which is why seats start at 2, 3, 5.
Why must they increase by 5 seats at a time?
Why can’t we add 1 seat at a time after 5 seats?

This would be a nice feature for small businesses.

Hi @nhashimoto - I couldn’t agree more. For small businesses this should be an option (up to a certain point). Just to be sure, have you also looked into the use of Guest or Viewer accounts? These types of accounts do not count against your licenses.

Here is some more information on account types if of interest.

User types explained – Support (

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Thank you, I have some contractors on those levels, but our actual team members need the full functionality and thus require a paid seat. For example, the slack notifications when someone mentions you in monday doesn’t work with the guest ones.
That’s a useful feature.

@nhashimoto Yes there are certainly limitations. I figured I would ask :slight_smile:

I completely agree that the license additions should be singular up to a certain point. I will also pass this along to some of our channels.