Seeking input from nonprofits utilizing for donor management

We would like to consolidate as many systems as possible. Right now we are using Keela for our donor and constituent management. We are seeking feedback from other nonprofits that are utilizing for managing donors, accepting donations, tracking interactions, etc. Thank you!

Hi @tashi - Thank you for the question. My name is Jasmine and I’m the Community Manager for for nonprofits. As an additional resource, we have our community FB group where our nonprofits are providing peer-to-peer support and answering each other questions. This looks like a great question to go into that group. If you would like to join you can do so here: for nonprofits community | Facebook

@tashi Hello. I am new to the Non-Profit Sector. I have been brought in to modernize a Community Action Agency in South Texas that was doing everything (absolutely Everything) on paper. We have started using for application status tracking, now for clients to sing in in our lobby (rather than having their personal information on a clipboard for the next clients to see). I am starting to try to develop HR systems on Monday for PTO tracking, Vacation Request Form Approval Processing, Onboarding, etc.

I only recently was told about doner management systems. I too need to learn how we might be able to use Monday for this essential task.

I would watch the Monday videos on YouTube called Digital Lift. That can get you started.

Also Monday has some great videos on YouTube for HR. And they have a weekly webinar for newbies. Sign up.

I understand your desire to get things all tied together, in one place. Monday is a good place for that. I also use to form the integrations. There is a good chance you can keep using what you like, and replace what you don’t. Monday and Make together will allow that to happen.

How is your modernization of the Agency going? I have worked extensively with Monday on the Major Donor CRM. It’s tied in with a donor management database and is connected through You might investigate that approach.