Select a specific board when querying with API v2


As the title suggests, I wonder if there is a way to query for all the pulses on a specific board using APIs v2.

I tried but I could not find a way to “pass” the board Id as a parameter.

Hey Nick!

Try this query - it will list out all the items on a specific board, with their names and IDs. You can expand on this by calling the other objects referenced in the board or item object :slight_smile:

query {
  boards(ids:XXXXX) {
    items {

How can we list more columns and how to handle column which have spaces in their name.

Hey Suyash!

Dipro here – I believe this response on the other thread should help with the first part of your query.

As for the second point, columns are referenced based on their ID, and column IDs never have spaces.


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