Services behind bashboards: "facebook" and "dropbox"

Hello greetings.
I have a client who is going to use within his company. They have firewall and network security equipment with access policies to web pages. Until now they had no problems with the connection. They started to use a widget “HTML Emdebbed”. since then it does not allow to show the element and throws me a connection error because a service tries to connect with Facebook and with Dropbox. connection that is forbidden by IT department of the company.
I have identified that the connection is from not from the widget, but it only blocks the page where the widget is.
How can I deal with this problem? the customer has told me that he will not allow any service from “Facebook” or “DropBox”.
Can I turn off those services from monday?
Thanks for reading any help will be welcome.

Hello there @isrraelRios,

Would you be able to please send an email to with this information so we can take this from there?

Looking forward to hearing from you over there!


Thanks @Matias.Monday, i send a mail with this information.

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Thank you for that, see you over there @isrraelRios !