Set Date Integration

Hey Guys,
Im looking to use the date added block within an integration my team is building. When trying to use the block I am not able to get the value to fill in when the integration is trigger. What is weird is it reads that it is successful however nothing is added.

They don’t have a specific documentation for this “Set Date” action block available by default. Please let me know if anyone can provide some help.

Hi @jackjack2202!

Hmm very strange. What is your trigger, and what does your board look like after the action has been run?

It sounds like the trigger is running successfully, just not the action block, right?


Yes, that’s correct. The trigger runs successfully.

What I’m looking for specifically, is the definition and format of input parameters to the actions. Like ‘columnValue’ and ‘duration’. Because after the recipe runs, the date is not showing up in my Board’s Date Column. So what format exactly shall I be sending from Postman to the Trigger’s Webhook URL, such that the action runs correctly. I have tried several different ways so far based on the documentation and samples but still having no luck…

Thanks again!

Hi @jackjack2202!

After some internal discussions with our team, it seems that this action block has a bug in it as it pertains to the columnValue and duration fields.

For now, I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind utilizing the “Push date” action block instead?

I’ve submitted a bug report and moved this to our feature request section. Thanks!


Thanks for the update,

For the time being we are using “Set Date To Today” This works fine however it does not offer a time stamp. Having this for our integration users would be very much preferred.

Please keep us updated on the bug resolution within this post. If you need any further debugging help from us we are more then happy to help!

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Thank you so much! I will definitely keep you updated.