Setting creator_id with create_update mutation

Is possible to set the creator_id when using the create_update mutation? I’m using python to create a new update on a new item and it the update is always created with my name as the owner of the update - but I need to be able to set the owner to someone else in my team at the time of creation of the update.

The example in the API docs reads as follows:
mutation {
create_update (item_id: 20178755, body: “This update will be added to the item”) {

I’ve tried to add creator_id to the arguments on the off chance that it wasn’t documented but that returned an error in GraphQL.

Hey! Just to clarify, are you looking to create updates by impersonating another user? For example, using my API key but posting as my colleague Lucy?

Would love to know more!

Hi Dipro,

Oh yes - right - that’s exactly what I was looking to do but I can see why that would be a bad idea!

I’ll explain my situation and maybe we can find a workaround.

I run a small business with a business partner and a small number of casual staff - we do consulting engineering but I also write code and am responsible for developing our business systems. Part of our workflow includes the automatic creation of new tasks for our staff to accept and work on, these tasks/items are created automatically by me using python scripts and the API. Each time a task is created I want to provide some instructions relating to the task and that information is best placed as the first conversation update for others to then respond to. There are only two people creating tasks, either myself of my business partner, Paul, so the first update comes from one of us. So the issue with impersonating another person in this specific case is not an issue (i.e. Paul trust me and it is only the first update for the whole task/item) - but I can see how it could be an issue in the general case.

The problem is that Paul and I share the tasks (i.e. we tend to split the project management roles) but all of the responses to the initial update are coming to me and they need to go to him instead - at the moment I am receiving lots of responses that I don’t need to see and Paul is missing responses that he does need to see.

One workaround that I looked for was to create an information box rather than an update but I couldn’t see how to do this in the API. The information to be provided with a new task/item is likely to be about 100-200 words plus some hyperlinks but I can work with whatever is available.

I hope this makes some sense and that you can understand what I’m trying to do.

Kind regards,


Hi Dipro

Just to follow up - perhaps there is a workaround using automations and notifications with the owner as the task as one of the columns.

I’m going to look into that but any other ideas are welcome.