When creating an update using Automation, automatically associate the person assigned to the item/task

I would like to be able to use automation to create an update on a task/item, and then automatically notify the person assigned to the task/item when someone replies to that update (without needing to have that person “@mentioned” in the reply — people can forget to do this).

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You can already do this.

You just need to create an automation that uses the trigger “When update created” and then the action “notify someone”. In that “someone” you would need to choose the people column.

Was this what you were looking for?


I’m not sure that’s what I’m asking for. Currently, the assigned person for the task does get notified when the Automation creates the update.

However if someone replies to that update by clicking the “reply” button (see original screenshot), the person assigned to the task doesn’t get notified, unless the reply message includes “@mention” tag for the person who is assigned the task

Basically - I think I am asking for the original “Automations” created update to behave like an update that the assigned person would have created if they typed it manually (i.e. where the update is shown to have come from the individual, not “Automations”)

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I believe you can build what you want with a custom app. You could have a webhook in your board that sends a payload to your server whenever someone creates an update. This webhook also works when someone creates a reply.

When someone creates a reply your server would receive a payload like this one:

  event: {
    userId: 1234567,
    originalTriggerUuid: null,
    boardId: 11112222,
    pulseId: 1122334455,
    body: '<p>This is a reply</p><p></p>',
    textBody: 'This is a reply',
    updateId: 112222222,
    replyId: 113333333,
    app: 'monday',
    type: 'create_update',
    triggerTime: '2022-03-02T14:30:12.367Z',
    subscriptionId: 22223333333,
    triggerUuid: '532rasdasf32rfef2fwef'

You can then check if this is a reply or an update. If it is a reply, you will see the replyId. You can check the item ID (pulseId) and with another query, check the user ID of the assignee and use that ID to create_notification for that person.

Would this work for you?

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I believe you can also do what you want by using a custom automation in the automation center. I just tested this and if you have an automation that sends a notification to the “people” column whenever a update is created, the assignee will get notified both for updates and replies :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you walk me though your testing setup? When I tried to do what you described with this recipe, the person assigned to the task/item DOES get notified that the update was created, but did NOT get notified if someone replied to that update (and didn’t @mention them in the reply)

Hello @jmacdonald !

You can use the action “Notify someone” and then in “someone” you select the People column. This will send the notification to the users in the people column:


If this does not work for you, let me know!