Setting group position when you create it

this is similar to Define group color during group create so i suspect the answer is the same.

i need to be able to set the position when i create a group (and the color too). currently new groups pick a random color and are created on TOP of the board.

something like

 mutation {
    create_group (
        group_name: "New Board",
        **position: xxxxx,
        color: xxxxx**) {

or much BETTER, add a mutation for update_group that allows those to be set. that way we could set color and position on an existing group (or freshly created one) without needing to delete and recreate a group.

Hi there @barrycox :wave:

That’s a great question and it does seem like it is possible ot query the Group position within a board by using the position argument:

That said, it doesn’t seem like we have a similar function for mutations. This means that creating a group in a specific position is not currently possible within our API, and I’ll definitely pass the feedback to our development team :slight_smile: