Share link to 'group of items'

It would be great to be able to click the “…” button next to a group of items and share a link to that specific groups of items within a board. Oftentimes, I want to direct a colleague to a group, rather than to a specific item (and there’s the risk that the linked item is deleted/moved/archived away from that group in the intervening time). Thanks!

This would be very helpful for our team as well, sometimes we have large project boards and it would be helpful to direct a person to 1 relevant group instead of telling them to search through dozens of groups and hundreds of items finding it.

As you said, we can link to items and sometimes we just link to the first item of a group but there is risk of that item getting moved or deleted.

Hi @kaylak @alexander.eastwood - as a workaround you could create a new view on the board that filters to show only the group you want to share, then share a link to that board view.

Hope this helps,