Hyperlink to "Linked" Item?

Is there a way to add a hyperlink to a linked item from board to board?

For example if I have 1 board Item linked to another (different) board item. I can’t seem to find a way to have a column that can navigate back and fourth


Hey @josecgomez,

There isn’t an automated way of doing this at the moment - the only way to do this at this time would be to manually copy this URL into a URL column, or employ some kind of workaround through the API.


Any update on this?
Would significantly improve my workflow.
Ex; Each line item title on my main board, when clicked, would take me to the detailed board view per project.

Hey @JackShields,

I like this idea of seeing a detailed board view per project after clicking on each line item on a main or high-level board. It’s not on our roadmap unfortunately, but I would recommend posting about it here: Feature requests/feedback - monday Community. Requests tend to get reviewed more there. Tagging @josecgomez too in case you want to add a feature request!