How to create links to project boards from main program board. Tried mirror/connect - no luck

Hi everyone,
Running a PMO in a small organisation (around 150ppl) and having an issue whereby I have a main program board for a directorate. That main board has the summary of the projects, the status and timelines and whatnot. Is there a way to create a ‘hyperlink’ as it were so that when you click on the name of the project in the program, it takes you to another board that is dedicated to the tasks/WBS etc. I’ve tried Mirror/Connect but it seems to only want to connect tasks and subitems, not main boards. Am I missing something fundamental here?

Would appreciate any help on this - thank you in advance.

Hi @Ultraviolet - the easiest way to get around this would be to create either a Link or Text column and copy/paste the URL of the task board into the column. As far as I know, there is no way to automate this but it’s likely the simplest manual workaround.


Hi @Ultraviolet

Welcome to the community. The Rollup Multiple Boards app is designed to create detail (project) boards and aggregate data from these detail boards. Each item in the master or overview board represent a detail board (project). The app creates a hyperlink in the master board that links to the project board.