Funnel Multiple Boards Into One

Hello! I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

My team has several departments each with their own supply needs, so each department has a board for Order Requests. I’d like to be able to create a pulse on any department’s Order Request board and have that pulse copy to one main Purchasing board where the person that does all our ordering can work from without having to go into the departments’ individual boards.

I can get one department’s board to link to the Purchasing board just fine. But when I try to connect the other departments, most of the info doesn’t transfer.

I first tried connected columns - which seems like it would work except that all the columns from the department board don’t show up in the Purchasing board. When I did the connected board automation, there’s a note saying all columns aren’t yet supported. But I can’t find a list of what columns are supported to know if that’s the reason I’m having trouble or if I’ve done something else wrong. If anyone can point me to that list, I’d be grateful.

I also tried to mirror columns, but I can only get one department’s board info to mirror, not multiple departments. For instance, if I mirror the vendor column, I can only connect it to the vendor column in department 1. And any pulses from departments 2, 3, 4, 5 that connect via the automation leave the vendor column blank because it’s only connected to department 1.

I realize I could probably just create a Purchasing board that everyone is attached to, and if that’s the only solution, I will. But I was asked to keep them all separate so each department only has to use their own.