Link timeline columns in different boards


I’m new to and I would like to ask for your help on the following:

We have a project to which several departments are contributing (acquisition, engineering, architecture, HR).

Our departments contributing to the project have several tasks that need to be executed within an agreed timeframe. We used the timeline column for this in the departments’ respective boards. These boards have several other columns, with details only relevant for the particular departments.

The project plan also has a timeline column. I wish to reflect the timelines of other departments for specific items, into our common project plan board. If an acquisition timeline changes, it should be automatically changed in the project plan board for the respective item.

Have you figured out a way to do this or encountered the issue and found alternative solutions?
Thank you!

HI @pentekborbala welcome to!

There is a good writeup here on some options that seem to fit your use case: Overall Board Structure - #2 by basdebruin

Unfortunately when trying to link multiple boards there are limitations to mirroring columns. Dashboards can resolve this, and per your description this seems like a good place to start trying.

hope that helps.