Timelines in Connected Boards

I have a board where I calculate the timelines based on presets that I have arranged.

I want to feed this info to another board using connected boards but I can’t use the timeline that’s showing up in the 2nd board to create alerts such as deadlines and 5 day notifications. Because in the 2nd board, the timeline isn’t readable in automations.

Have you found a workaround?

Also can this be a feature request?

hi @jennyvaz

The reason is that a mirror column might look like a timeline but technically it is not. This is why automations do not work on mirror columns. There are several apps that solve this by (as an example):

  • copying the timeline value from board 2 to board 1 as a real timeline column. For that you need to have an unique key that is used for linking (see https://monday.com/marketplace/129)
  • using an approach of a master board that grabs information from multiple detail boards based on a template (see https://monday.com/marketplace/101)
  • copying the content of an existing mirror column to a real column. Out partner Work Perfect has a solution called Mirror to Real (contact is @Kimb)

thank you so much Bas! :star:

went with option #3

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Hi Jenny…unrelated to your request for assistance I’m interested in learning more about the timeline presets that you reference. Can you share more about these presets?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jenny, I too am interested in understanding “calculate timelines based on presents.”

@gbick @MatthewB

my presets are really the timeline + duration combo and I’ve organised the flow of the project into items + sub-items

nothing sophisticated TBH. apologies for not writing this clearly.

Hi Jenny…thanks for the reply, perfectly clear!



Hi Jenny. Try VLOOKUP marketplace apps to connect timelines in monday.com connect boards this. It is a powerful connect board alternative that mirrors columns while keeping the ability to use monday.com automations.

We’re at appsupport@jetpackapps.co for any question.

@basdebruin Hi sir, i new to Monday. Com, i have situation here pls solve it. I have a board in which people names in text column and their experience in numbers column, i want to set an automation when i type their name in similar text column i should get their experience get filled automatically in that board.

hi @Gopi, if it helps… (if similar)

I used a combo of the following to create the automation in my case.

You’ll need connected boards & mirror columns (in this case the name).

  • Status Change (trigger a connect based on new value)
  • Get Column Magic (available on Monday marketplace) - when column changes, change the value.


Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 5.15.24 PM
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 5.17.35 PM

@jennyvaz Thanks for your solution.I will work it out and reply soon.