Mirroring Task Name and Timeline COlumn

Hello- I’m trying to configure a setup that involves an “overview” board to display high level timelines, and separate boards where the task work is done. My desire is to link a task from a task board back to the overview board, where the task and timeline column from the task board are visible in the overview board. Obviously this would help track any timeline changes made on the task board, without having to update dates in two locations. I’ve linked the boards, but based on what options I see in Monday, I can only select a column, and not the task name. Are there suggestions here that might help with what I’m trying to accomplish, or are there system limitations that will prevent me from my desired setup? Thanks in advance!

Hi There!

Dependent on how you are connecting the item and reporting the high level results the connect column connects the item and then the columns values of that item can be mirrored. That is the basic functionality.

Are you looking to show the status of the entire task board and timeline or is it truly only an item level information?

If you can povide some screenshots happy to assist. You can also schedule a free session with us via the website:

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thanks Mike-

I don’t feel comfortable sharing screenshots, as there’s sensitive information (no offense). That said, I’ll provide a text-based sample of what I’m hoping to accomplish:

Board A (High Level): : “Planning Task” “Dec 1-Jan1” “In Progress” (I want the item name, timeline column, and status column from Board B to appear in Board A)

Does that make sense?


So if I understand this correctly, you are trying to connect a item form anohter board and mirror the timeline and status.

This would just be:

  1. Add Connect Column (Two Way Connection)
  2. Connect Board B
  3. Add two mirror columns
  4. Connect Timeline Column in One Mirror Column and select ‘show min and max dates’
  5. Connect Status Column in the other mirror column and select ‘Show All Statuses’
    6 Connect the item from board B on board A

This will result to what you mentioned above. If you are looking for a total summary of the entire connected board, that would be a custom build which we have done and that way you can get summary of the entire board of timeline and status.

Happy to help you with any other questions if you want to schedule a free consult!

Mike B
Automation Architect