Show board-specific group-level timeline in Gantt widget - need for nested by-groups

Our team would like to visualize timelines across multiple projects (tracked by multiple boards) using the Gantt widget - the level of detail we’d like is for each project, we’d like to display timeline by each project’s groups. So, the structure we’d like to see in the Gantt widget is as follows:

Project A

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Project B
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

This would require the ability for the Gantt widget to allow for nesting of by-groups. However, the current widget only allows 1 by-group dimension, so we can either see:

  1. all items, per project, which is too much detail for us, ex:
    Project A (no group available)

Item 1
Item 2
item 3
Project B (no group available)
item 1
item 2


  1. group-by project only
    Project A overall timeline
    Project B overall timeline

Or, the most confusing/least useful:
3) group-by group only across projects

Item 1 (from project A)
item 1 (from project B)
Item 2 (from project A)
Item 2 (from project B)

So I would like to request the ability for the Gantt widget to allow for multiple/nested by-groups to give more flexibility to the granularity of line items/timelines displayed.

Thankfully the Monday support team gave me a workaround to build a board that connects across multiple boards and then I mirror the 1st and last task of each board’s group, to create an item with a “group-level” timeline for display on the Gantt chart, but it seems like a clunky workaround (that took building an additional board with manual linking just for this purpose), when it seems like a more natural place for this feature to reside is in the Gantt widget since its purpose is to allow cross-board displays of timelines.

I hope you will consider adding this feature - thank you!

I agree! I am in the middle of building project workflows for our organization and it is very frustrating that there is no option for multi-level grouping when items on board itself are essentially already divided into different groups. Seeing the timeline of different projects and being able to open up the timeline of different stages (groups) inside this project would give a very nice overview of our work and progress in general. I certainly hope this feature would be added.

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I’m glad you think so too! So did the support staff that was helping me with the workaround - hopefully it will get escalated some how!