Simple query to move all items from one group to another one in same board

So im using api to write some batch of tests results. I have board with two groups: latest and history. When im starting new test batch I used to move all my items from latest group to history. Since today im getting this error:
b’{“errors”:[{“message”:“Field 'items' doesn't exist on type 'Group'”,“locations”:[{“line”:6,“column”:5}],“path”:[“query”,“boards”,“groups”,“items”],“extensions”:{“code”:“undefinedField”,“typeName”:“Group”,“fieldName”:“items”}}],“account_id”:x}’

Thanks in advance

It appears you need to rework your query to use the items_page on group, as there was an API change announced about 6 months ago that would require changes to queries.

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Hi thanks!
I saw this one, but I cant understand how can I filter all topics under specific group. I used this query before:
query =“{ boards (ids:”+boardId+“) {groups(ids:'”+latestId+“){items{name id}}} }”

boardId = Board ID
latestId = Latest group id