Simply Date Formula

I have a mirrored column pulling in the staff hire date. I have a formula column (probation ends) to figure out when the staff has worked for 90 days.

I would like to create a formula that will say yes if probation ends is < Today. I can’t seem to figure it out.

Hi @sgharibian
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I think what you need will be the formula below
This calculates the number of days difference from the date compared to today
If greater return this else return this
It also returns blank if the date is empty

If you need to return yes or no the other way round, just swap the yes and no

IF({Probation Ends}=“”,“”,IF(ROUND(DAYS({Probation Ends},TODAY()),0)>0,“Yes”,“No”))

You can also extend the formula out to include today, if the date is today if needed

IF({Probation Ends}=“”,“”,IF(ROUND(DAYS({Probation Ends},TODAY()),0)=0,“TODAY”,IF(ROUND(DAYS({Probation Ends},TODAY()),0)>0,“Yes”,“No”)))

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 09.22.01

Hope this gives what you need,
If you need any additional help, Just let me know
many thanks in advance

@DanIngham-IOI Dan, your formula works great but I would have logically started with something simpler such as IF({probation Ends}<TODAY(),“Yes”,“No”). However, this simpler formula doesn’t work. Any insight as to why?


Hi @MatthewB
Thats why I opted for the more complex formula
It’s the Less than today part its not liking in the simple formula option
It might be that in would need converting to date value of today, rather than calculation Today
Cheers Dan

Thank you so much Dan! It worked like a charm.

Tip for anyone reading this. If you copy and paste from browser you need to swap out the quotation marks lol

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Hi @sgharibian
No problem at all, sorry I should of mentioned about the quotation marks
Cheers Dan