Some "temporary" ids in itemIds event

My app tracks realtime updates of data (in board widget view) using this.$monday.listen(“events”)
also I’m thinking about using this.$monday.listen(“itemIds”) to track filters too. While testing I noted some unexpected (undocumented behavior) - when user adds new data (so “itemIds” event is fired)
I see list of normal “number” ids and in the end of array - some “string” ids:
[684889712, 684890048, 684899632, “d6459d3f-85bf-0f14-7ffc-a0583a058980”, “36cdf0e6-7720-a2f7-50fd-3e22236cf209”] - this is sample for added two rows. Then, (almost) immediately executes another “itemIds” event with two new “number” id, as expected
[684889712, 684890048, 684899632, 684901596, 684901600].
So, I would consider that first “itemIds” launch as bug.

HI there @yureckey :wave:

To be transparent with you, that does seem quite odd! I would love to continue helping you troubleshoot this and figure out what might be the root cause of the issue - is there a chance you could reach out to us with this request at That will help us gather the information that might be a bit too sensitive to share on a community forum. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: