Sort Options on Workload widgets

I think It would be super helpful to allow sorting options or custom sorting on widgets. specifically workload, but also timeline widgets and others.

In the below picture, if we were allowed to drag and drop the sorting, or alphabetical sort, numerical sort etc, the widget would provide more value.

The other area this could apply is the timeline widgets.

Hello, did you ever find a way to do this, or a way to manipulate where resources/groups are placed in the timeline or workload widget? Thanks

same need. any solution to sort?

We have the same request.

Any update on this?

Hi everyone. We found a workaround that may potentially work for you.

In our use case, we wanted to sort a timeline by crew members, and we needed the ability to rearrange the crew members on occasion.

We created a separate board with all of our crew members listed. Then, using a connection column, we connected the Timeline board to the Crew Member board. In the Timeline settings, we grouped the timeline by our connection column.

Now, when we re-sort the Crew Members board, the changes are reflected on the Timeline.

So, it can be achieved if you group by a connection column. We haven’t attempted this on the workload widget yet.