Status Automation

It would be cool to have an Automation that notifies me when a certain percent, or number, of statuses are marked complete.
Our crews use the status column to mark tasks complete. If it notified me when 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of statuses say “Complete”, that would be a huge help.

Hi @Jguido ,

This can be done using ,

You can list all the items , select only items that’s status is completed , calculate how many percentage is completed and send a mail to anyone you want

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Hi Joe,

You can do it with the Advanced Formula Booster the 3rd party app that revolutionizes formulas in

Among other features, the Advanced Formula Booster:

  • does not use the Formula column at all
  • allows you to create formulas in its own multiple-line editor, where each line is an instruction.
  • can read/update multiple items, not only the current item (the one that triggers the formula)
  • allows you to use variables to store values that can be then used later in the formula (any text in-between brackets becomes a variable, see below)
  • provides a number of functions not available in the native Formula column

Here is how you would do what you are asking for. Let’s say you want to be notified when a certain percent, or number, of statuses in a group of items are marked complete (I am using the group as an example, but it could also be done with the items of a board, or the sub-items of an item).

  • Line #1 is not necessary, it is there to show what you get when you use {GroupItems.Status}, ie. you get a list of all statuses separated by a pipe(which is the app’s list separator).
  • Line #2: counts the number of items (or statuses) and stores it in [CountStatuses]
  • Line #3: filters the list to include only the one that are Complete. The list is now made of 3 items and is stored in [Completed]
  • Line #4: Counts the number of items in [Completed] and stores it in [CountCompleted]
  • Line #5: Calculates the completion rate and stores it in [CompletionRate]
  • Line #6: Retrieves the contact to notify and stores it in [UserToNotify]
  • Line #7: If [CompletionRate] is 100%, then NOTIFY
  • Line #8: If [CompletionRate] is 100%, stop the formula
  • Line #9: If [CompletionRate] is 75%, then NOTIFY (I just put a simple text in the notification, it can be more elaborate and even include the exact percentage)
  • Line #10: If [CompletionRate] is 75%, stop the formula

Then you automate it by creating an automation that runs the formula every time the status column changes.

As mentioned before, you could do it with the sub-items of an item (in line 2, you would use {Sub.Statuses}), with the items of the whole board (with {BoardItems.Status}).

Hope it helps.

As Giles mentioned you can use sub items to sum up and a formula to compare the total number of items to the number of statuses. Mirror columns are also an option, so it’s pretty easy to get the info in a dashboard that you check. Currently Monday automations don’t handle formulas so it’s not possible to have an automatic notifiction, even an automated daily check, without using an addon.
Good news though:

Including formula columns in automation recipe is on the roadmap for 2024! Our automations teams has added the ability to include formula columns in automation recipe to it upcoming developments plan and are aiming to begin releasing the capabilities towards the middle of the year, but are not yet able to commit to an exact date. I will provide an update when the timeline is finalized, so make sure you have your notifications turned on for this post.