When status changes to is_done=true trigger automation/integration

I’d really like to set off an automation or integration when the status of an item/subitem changes to “Done”…not a single status that happens to have the label “Done”, but where the column attribute is_done = true.

Here I have a status column where multiple stages of a job mean that the task, while not 100% completed, is enough to trigger other tasks that are dependant on it. Using the settings for the status column, I have made several statuses to mean that an item is completed. If I were to query column, it would tell me which of these statuses have the attribute of is_done = true.

I could create multiple automations such as:

When status changes to done1, send webhook1
When status changes to done2, send webhook1
When status changes to done3, send webhook1
etc., but that makes the automation/integration board messy, especially when I can’t sort and search the automations. What I would like to have is an automation similar to “When status changes to anything, do ____”. Instead it would be “When status changes to is_done = true, send webhook”. This would mean that if the status changed to any of the “completed” statuses, the webhook would be triggered. I would have a single automation to deal with on my automation/integration board.

Variation of this would be:

When status changes to status1, status2, or status3, then do _____
When status changes from Anything but status1 or status4 to status7, then do____

These options would allow for a much simpler automation/integration board because you aren’t spelling out each combination or permutation of whatever it is you are trying to parse out of your data.

Would you consider integrating this?

Thanks so much,