Reference all 'done' items in a status automation


I’m just wondering if there is a way to reference all ‘done’ items from a status for an automation? When you set a status column, you can obviously choose how many of your selectable options mean ‘done’ but i can’t find a way to reference it that way.

An example of what I am trying to do:
We have sub-items for each project at a certain stage to prompt material ordering from different suppliers and each item has a status column including, Not Started, Noted, Sent, Backorder, Received, Stock, N/A. As a column setting, the last three options are considered ‘done’. On the main project line, I have another status that I want to change colour/name when all sub-items are marked with any of the ‘done’ options to provide a quick reference that everything is done. The only automation I have managed to use successfully is ‘if all sub-items have the status of THIS ONE OPTION, change the item status to this’. It would be better if there was something more like, ‘If all sub-item have the status of a ‘done’ label then change main item status to this’.

Can anyone guide me with a better way to do this?

@Dickson.Cody A messy, but effective solution would be to create a secondary status column in your subitems (which you can just collapse) and write automations to say that

  • “If subitem status1 changes to done1 change status2 to done”
  • “If subitem status1 changes to done2 change status2 to done”
  • “If subitem status1 changes to done3 change status2 to done”

And then run your other automation off the status2 column