Update main item status if multiple statuses are "Done"


I am trying to create an automation that goes something like this:

Let’s say that I have an Item that has a main Status column and then three other columns called Text, Graphics, and Landing Page.

The automation should go WHEN Text AND Graphics AND Landing Page are DONE, THEN change Status to DONE

My problem is that I only seem to be able to do WHEN Graphics changes to DONE and if and only if the others are already DONE. This means that if I change Graphics before the others, the main Status will not change to DONE.

Hope it makes sense. Thanks!


Currently, the easiest way to do what you are asking for is to setup 3 custom automations one for each to column to trigger (and check the others).

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or you can use a progress column if you do not have other automations based on that mais Status

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@JCorrell Thanks mate, will have to do this way.

@basdebruin the progress column was a great suggestion, but I think there is no way to automate that so that when it’s 100% it changes the main status to done :frowning:
Thanks to both!

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