Status cannot be set as done unless all subitems are set as done

Hi, I’m wondering if there is an automation that would require all subitems to be marked as done before the main item could be set as done.

The idea is to stop something being accidentally set as done and give a misleading impression of what work is still to be completed.


The simple answer is that without an app or third party integration, you can’t conditionally prevent a status update.

However, there may be a workaround that will work for you. The following will change the {Item Status} column to “Not Done” if the user changes it to “Done” but the subitems are not all set to “Done”.

Create an additional status column {Subs Done} with “Yes” and “No”.
Setup these automations:

Hi Roxsie, I use subitems a lot and my advice would be instead of a typical status column, you set a status in the subitems and choose “show summary on parent item” in the settings. That way you’ll get a bar that fills up as the status’ are set as complete.


Hi @Roxsie -

These are all great suggestions that would work! One other thought would be to utilize the automation below:

Then you could restrict the EDIT permissions on the parent item status column so that nobody could change the status manually. The only way it would be seen as “Done” is if all sub-items are marked as “Done” which would then trigger the automation :slight_smile:

Hope this and the above suggestions are helpful!

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