Subitem automation - subitem children" move to done, parent status moves to done

Hello - I have setup three status fields, Tech Write up, Tech Appraisal and Tech Review Estimate. I have setup automation such that when a status moves to “In Progress” or “Working on it”, subitems will be created which pertain to each of the three statuses.

My issue is that I cannot figure out how to properly automate moving the status to “Done” for each status when all the associated subitems are moved to a “Done” status.

From the screenshots above, I’ve tried using the subitem recipe for moving a status to done when “all subitems” of an item have a status of done. The problem with this is when I move the subitems associated with “Tech Write Up” to Done, all three of the statuses (Tech Appraisal and Tech Review included) move to Done. I don’t want this, as the subitems for the other two statuses are still active.
I don’t have the flexibility to make a condition in this subitem to isolate the item status I want to change. I haven’t had any luck trying recipes.
Can someone help with a recipe configuration or perhaps a design suggestion to make this use case work? Thanks!