Sub item filters not working

I have a board that needs to be able to be filtered by the subitems. This works fine on a desktop, however does not work on the mobile app. Is this just a case of the app not having the functionality for filtering sub items?

It is really quite important for us to be able to do this, has anyone else been experiencing this?

Hey Chloe! Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

Yes, unfortunately, subitem filters are not supported in the mobile app at this time. Our apologies for the frustration and hassle this causes.

Perhaps an item level filter could still be useful on the mobile app? Let us know what you think!

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for clarifying that, is this something that is planning to be developed at all?

Item level filters are already in use and are helpful, we just need the sub items to be able to be filtered out as there will eventually be a lot in there after time.