SubItem Detail View Option Under Connected Boards Column

Presently the connect boards feature only allows a person to view the top level item in the other connected board and the details for that primary item. It would be extremely helpful to be able to connect sub-items to a task in another board and/or when you connect a primary item to see all the sub-items that are associated with that task, the way you can in kanban view options.

Hi @ABuffy90
Amber here from the Boards team at :slight_smile:

Thanks for this feedback! Could you please tell me more about your use case here?

What is currently being stored at the subitem level that is important to see when choosing to connect the item? What do your items and subitems represent here?

What is your workflow that it makes more sense to connect the items on the other board (ie not the board where you’re able to see the subitems?)

Feel free to share as much information as you’d like- the more we understand your use case the better :slight_smile:

Our primary items are sometimes an assignments that require a number of sub-tasks for that assignment to reach completion or track our various reach outs to outside clients for that primary assignment. The primary item is essentially the progress tracker for the sub-items. And so from a connected board standpoint, being able to quickly see the tasks associated with that project are just as important if not more important so as to avoid having to constantly click between many different boards to see the finer details.

An exact example is that I, as a manager, currently have a board to manage my own tasks associated with my various departments. I use the connect boards function so that I can associate my action item with items my team is concurrently working on as well as to automatically see who is assigned to that task so that I can have a filtered view for each of my direct reports to see their full workload and assignments clearly and succinctly in one environment. One automation I have set up is such that when an item is created in one board that is for my team, an action item is created in my manager board that reminds me to check on the status of that project periodically or perform my review of the work. The current functionality of the feature only gives me a limited picture of the top task when I’m working in that environment that misses all of the meat of some of the subitems; and having the ability to see even a list of the sub-tasks in that connect boards feature that allows me to quickly reference the full picture of what the team is working on for that task would be much more efficient than having to switch between boards.

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